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JOURNAL 220 - Magazine Production Blog Post #6

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

TOPIC: Best Quotes (so far!)

For Polo:

These quotes are from a secondary source; someone new to polo. I am interviewing my primary source this week.

“I think from outside perspective, people can see that as yes, this is a team activity, and it's a little faster pace, there’s a lot more going on. You’ve got a stick and the ball involved. You can get a little aggressive.”

“I think as a spectator sport it’s probably more interesting than a lot of other riding disciplines.”

“When I was taking that private [lesson] at first we were just practicing hitting the ball and then we decided to do a little scrimmage, and as soon as we decided to do that and kind of pick up the pace, and really get in the game, that horse got amped up and he was ready to go and he was like, ‘This is what I’m going for. I know what my job is, like let me have at it.’ So, they have fun with it too.”

For Saddle-Seat & Driving:

“I think the best way for someone to understand what we do is to go watch a show because our sport is also very centered around the spectators. The horses love it. It’s incredible to watch a horse win and they know that applause is for them and they just get big and beautiful and they just show right off. These horses are bred for this and they just love it.”

For Multimedia Project:

“Grooms are pretty important in the team, you know, because without the grooms, there would be no polo, as people say. We’re a pretty big important factor to the polo world. We’re the ones that live, breathe, and eat horses, you know, people just go to their houses, we stay at the barn with the horses, making sure like, they’re our best friends, basically, like one point."

“I’ve always liked horses. There’s no other better jobs. If you want to work with horses, polo is your way to go. That’s what I think."

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