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JOURNAL 220 - Magazine Production Blog Post #2

TOPIC: 3-4 facts relating to your story topic.

Facts for Story 1 (Polo):

  1. Beginning in 1896, the US military supported active service members (and veterans) playing polo because it improved the riding skills of cavalrymen and taught leadership, teamwork, and strategy. (

  2. Polo has been an international sport since ~821 A.D. At that time, Chinese ambassadors in Japan played a team fielded by the Emperor. (

  3. Exact origins are unknown, but polo is likely the oldest team sport. The name could have originated from the Tibetan word "pholo", which translates to "ball" or "ballgame". (

  4. Polo is a co-ed sport but teams can be separated by gender.

Facts for Story 2 (Saddle-Seat & Driving):

  1. Driving is the oldest competitive equestrian sport; more evidence points to horses being driven before they were ridden. (,About%20the%20sport,dressage%2C%20marathon%20and%20obstacle%20driving.)

  2. Road Pony to Bike - Hackney ponies are hitched to a two-wheeled road bike and shown at the jog-trot, road gait, and speed. (

  3. English Pleasure Driving - The ponies can only be competed by Amateurs. They show at the pleasure trot, road trot, and a flat walk. (

  4. Horses were most likely put in harnesses around 2,500 BC. Carriage and chariot horses were used for war and combat, transportation, agriculture work, and sports. (

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