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JOURNAL 220 - Magazine Production Blog Post #11

TOPIC: What is the feeling, emotion or vibe you are trying to convey with your story, photos and layout?

For Polo:

With my layout, I want to start off by showing the viewer some photos that shows people having fun learning and playing polo. The last 2 pages will take the viewer through a whole day at an important polo tournament. I want the photos to show how much dedication it takes to play the game.

For Saddle Seat & Driving:

I'd like to educate non-equestrians about a fun, kid-friendly equestrian sport that would allow them to practice a sport outdoors with amazing animals that they would learn from every day. It's kind of a niche discipline within the world of equestrian sports and I hope people take the time to really look through the images and see how interesting they are.

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