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JOURNAL 220 - Magazine Production Blog Post #1

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

TOPIC: What might be your story idea? What do you hope to learn?

So far, there are 4 subjects that seem as if they would make interesting stories. I'm currently working on proposals for all these subjects.

1. One is a professional polo player, Ernesto Ezcurra, based in Los Angeles for 6 months out of the year. Together with his team, he travels around Southern CA to compete. His partner, an amateur polo player, is the one who suggested him as a subject. I have reached out to them and they will contact me this week to set up a time to meet and exchange some more info. It turns out that I have already photographed him back in June (pictured below), but just didn't realize it was him!

A black and white image of a polo player in a practice game at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

2. The second subject is April Davis, a storyboard artist for Spongebob who is also an endurance rider. She is currently training 10-20 miles a day with her horse Jeepers in order to prepare for the Tevis Cup, a 100 mile race that takes place each year in Auburn, CA. She is based in Burbank.

3. The third subject is Erin Kennedy Molleck, a driving and saddle-seat trainer who runs Golden Glen Stables in Shadow Hills. Driving and saddle-seat are interesting disciplines that I don't know much about and I think they would make for some awesome photos.

4. (Not 100% sure about this one, need to get some more information.) The fourth subject is Carlotta Montanari, an actress and producer who founded Four Legs on Set. Her equine talent agency/production company has worked with celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Sony, Amazon, and Universal Pictures (which is why she would be super interesting to work with!). In order to keep the photo essay sports-centric, I'd have to focus on the work that she does to train the horses and the tricks she teaches them. She is based in Burbank.

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